Monday, August 15, 2011

America is Accepting Gay Marriage

I have met many people in my life and most have become my friends.

Some are bi-sexual, some are homosexual and there are those that some would consider straight
(as if to insinuate that those who do not share the same ideals about relationships are 'not right' in their thinking).

I never understood fully why anyone would assume that a person of a different sexual orientation should be treated any differently.

People are all the same to me and none should not be denied love, acceptance and friendship. 

So, regardless of their lifestyles, and sexual orientation, my friends will always be straight with me.

And here’s to them:

A beautiful collection of wedding photos that shows how America can truly be accepting, loving and fair.

These couples were able to share their love for one another with the rest of the world, just like many other U.S. citizens can...and rightly they should :)


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