Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Positive Passwords

At any given time we probably have about a half dozen online ID's and passwords which we have to create and remember.Your bank account, your school related websites, your credit card accounts, are all password protected.

They all require a name to identify you and a secret code to verify you.

It can get boring and difficult to come up with new ones and sometimes they can be too easily hacked in to (the first name and a number that is used is by most is extremely generic, very simple to figure out and probably not very safe).

Have you ever tried using a motivational affirmation as a user ID or password?

Here are some examples:

Better Days
 Stay Strong
You R Amazing
Think Positive
Take it EZ
 Be Happy

Take into consideration that you use the account regularly. Then notice that as often as you use it, you will not be able to help but say the words as you type them in. And of course, it would help you do the thing your user ID tells you to! And....because it is recommended for safety to change online log-in's often, it's a great way to keep changing your affirmation!!!


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