Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing a New Music Page!

Piano House in China

Music is amazing.

It can enhance or change our mood, it can move us or make us relax.

I cannot imagine my life without it.

Please visit the first of my:
Music that Inspires Me page, where I will be listing artists who will forever be in my library. (You may be rerouted from Yellow Inspiration, so bookmark this page so you can come back after listening.)

 I'm beginning with:

Music That Inspires Me To Be Reflective:
Jim Brickman (with Hillary Scott and Lady Antebellum)
Chris Botti
David Osborne (Known as the 'Pianist to the Presidents' Youtube-Hotel California, he does it on piano! Astounding!)

Watch for more music on next weeks new Music Page and feel free to share which music inspires YOU!


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