Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Y.I. Wednesday: Make Lists

Y.I. Make Lists:

Because it:

  • Helps me to see my goals
  • Helps me feel accomplished as I check them off
  • Helps me stay organized
  • Helps me manage my time
  • Helps me prioritize
  • Helps me delegate
  • Helps hold me accountable
  • Helps me stay focused
If you like to make lists and keep hard copies:
Use a simple notebook (and no not the 'computer' notebook- the old fashioned one which has paper in it and you must turn the pages to get more clear space). Perks: space is unlimited and you have them there to see no matter where you are, batteries not required!

If you have the iPhone check out these 25 To-Do List Apps.

If you like making lists that are on the computer, online and can sync with your email:
Check out these 3 Simple Apps (read the comments at the bottom of the article as well because readers offer their own suggestions as well).

Thanks for the Advice: 
As someone once told me, 'do not use sticky notes for lists' as they are too small. 
She was so right and I am much happier when I don't use them! :)

Do you make lists? Why or Why Not?

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