Monday, November 28, 2011

Putting Others Down to Pick Ourselves Up

I have related this action to bullying in the past.

Those who push others around, talk behind their backs and belittle others, whether it is blatant or somewhat sly...are indeed very insecure.

They do what the title of this blog says, they put others down to pick themselves up.

We have probably all done it once or twice in our lifetime. Though most of us outgrow it as we mature.
But there are some who never outgrow it and it is funny to watch those people spend more time putting their energy and time into knowing so much about someones business, just so they can find a reason to put them down.

Those people seriously need to focus on their own lives and getting (and keeping) their own affairs in order.

I find this quote quite relevant: Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

If this is happening to you:
'Be flattered that someone admires you so much, to spend all their precious time on you!'

Then, ignore them! 

Like I always tell my three children, 'Worry about yourself'. That's what these folks should be doing.

Don't ever allow someones comments dictate what you do, feel or think. You are your own person and you live your life according to what works for you. You make your own choices and decisions because you can, and should.

What do do if you find yourself putting others down
How to deal with  those people who put you down
What if you are the one putting yourself down?

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