Monday, January 16, 2012

Has Your Life Worked Out the Way You Planned?

About 3 1/2  years ago, I felt like I had hit a brick wall.

I sensed that maybe I was in the wrong place, or maybe I was in the right place, but that the wrong things were happening.

Regardless, I definitely knew life was not exactly as I wanted it to be.

So, after an entire month of reflection and evaluation, I realized I had put myself there, and I had to ask whether or not it was what I wanted.

Indeed, I knew I was in the correct place in life. There wasn't anything I did, or didn't do, which I regretted.
I was still relieved about divorcing my 'X', I was still thrilled with my decision to relocate, and I was quite content being a single mom ....but the rest hadn't fallen into place yet.

I wasn't writing, I was stuck in a dead end job, and I still hadn't gotten that book started.

Around that time, I came across this quote:

"You are where you are because you want to be." 

It seemed simple enough, but hit me so hard. 

I realized at that moment, my situation, good or bad, had to do with me and only me...and that to get out of it and make anything happen I had to take charge.

I cannot even remember where I saw or heard that phrase, but it saved my life.

That very day, I stopped the pity party.

Then, I took a  bright colored marker and wrote that exact quote on a sheet of paper...

I taped it to the wall across from my bed. That way, every morning, when I opened my eyes, I was sure to wake up.

Today, I am happy to say that I write three blogs, have a monthly family column which circulates in a local newspaper and I am working on my parenting book every day. I also started my own copywriting and editing business after my hours got cut at my day job...and I have plenty more in my sights.

The future is ours, if only we seize it.

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