Friday, January 13, 2012

Superstitious Much?

Ask this question of anyone, and most likely they will answer, 'Eh.. not really' or 'Sort of'.

Thank goodness many do answer like this because upon Googling superstitions this week, I was completely overwhelmed by what I found! There are hundreds of them, if not thousands!

If someone were totally and 100% superstitious, they would have anxiety 24/7 about EVERYTHING!

Did you know that there is a superstition about Acorns?
....Brooms? and.....Matches!?


Did you also know you should never trip on Friday!?

How about this one: The rabbit's foot has more to do with fertility than good luck!?

Superstitious or not, check this out for a little fun!

Want more? Click here!

The bad news? There's a lot of these things floating around.
The good news? I bet we have all dropped an umbrella on the floor, come face to face with a black cat, or forgot to knock on wood, and the world did not, take solace knowing, you probably have nothing to worry about.

"90% of what we worry about, never happens."- Author Unknown

Oh, yeah, by the way...
Happy Friday the 13th!!!

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