Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Know the Reason So Many People are Unemployed

I know, I know.... according to the latest polls, unemployment is down, but I look around and still see so many reasons why people have lost their jobs, and will continue to.

Every thing is so automated now a days.

Recently, I had to head over to the nearest lab for some testing. This particular lab is located in the local hospital, and to check-in for your appointment you actually visit the 'check-in kiosk', instead of stopping to talk to a person.

No more registering with a body. There is simply one person on duty, at a nearby desk, for any 'added' info or additional questions.

The kiosk is your admin person.


All I needed to do was punch my info into a computer, which was hidden behind a little wooden cubby; things like my birthdate, zip code and confirm some insurance info and my address.


Checked in and done.

Within about fifteen minutes everything was complete, even the lab appointment.

It's wonderful that this visit was so efficient. Though, not wonderful when I thought about the person behind the desk that is there no longer there.

Computers: our friend, and our enemy.

Other places where I've noticed computers replacing people, and cutting down on how many bodies which companies have to employ:

  • I can avoid driving to the bank for a deposit, because I can use my iPhone to do the check deposit.
  • I don't think many of us reach a body upon our first three minutes on the phone with any given company.
  • At the library, I can check out my books at either of the 'virtual librarians'.
  • Self-Check-Out which initially began in grocery stores, is now in several other types of stores.
  • Self-Serve areas at the Airport, Post Office, and Computerized Voting Machines etc....
Time is hard to come by, so I'm happy we can gain more of it by utilizing automated, electronic, and computerized systems (in most cases), but I am sad for those who are no longer employed, because these computers they were replaced by them.

I can only hope that this might actually turn out to be positive in the long run, because those who are replaced by robots/computers can get a new lease on life by starting a new career which they love more! 

Gauging by the way the world is evolving, they will never be without a job.

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