Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Y.I. Think Road Rage is Personal

Merging on or off of the highway can be a very good visual for how well some people work with others.

They don't.

How often have you attempted to get over a lane or two and found it nearly impossible to catch a break by the cars in that lane?

How often have you been driving along and out of nowhere comes a car who's responsibility it was to yield before merging, but instead just barreled into your lane?

I think this is a really good example of how some people just don't play well with others.

I've always wondered why that is...

Last week, I was traveling back from a meeting and witnessed some ridiculous road rage.

1. The blue car next to me was going along...
2. A red car put it's blinker on to get into the right lane...
3. Plenty of space, plenty of time for the blue car to allow the red car to slip into the lane without disruption....

What does the blue car do? 

Speed up once the red car has almost completed her lane change.

What does the red car do?

She slams her brakes on. (Kinda serves him right. Right?- That's what she thought.)

Why did he allow her the space, then decide he wasn't interested in being nice?

Why did either one of them decide to act this way?

I think they take the whole thing a little too personally.

Just like when someone cuts you off because you were in their blind spot and you get mad at them for 'cutting YOU off!'.

It's not about hurting you, slighting you or short changing you...

It's usually about them. We just make it about us.

Remember to yield before you merge, think before you get angry...and give grace and mercy to those who are human; just like us.

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