Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life Swap (Cont'd)

LIFE SWAP-Mad-Lib Time!
I hope you’ve got your word list handy that you created from the last post! –Ready? Fill-in-the-blanks!
Today I got up at __ _________ and put on a____ ______________ for a change. I went out into the _________________ and grabbed a ___________ _______________________.
Then I went into the   ________________ .
 ______________ came in while I was _____________ and offered me ______ ______________.
It had been ______ years since I’d had that for breakfast.  After I had the maid do _________ AND ____________________   I decided to go to __________________.
On the way there I saw _________________________ and asked him/her to go with me.  On the way we decided to grab some lunch at ____________________________.
We hopped into my ________________ and headed there. On the ride we talked about ______________and ______________________________.  We stopped at _____________________and bought ____________________________ ___‘s..
At the restaurant _________________________ joined us for lunch, and afterwards invited us to the set of  _________________________________.
______!That was fun!
It was about time for us to be going because I had to pack for _______________________.
I dropped _______________ off at his/her house and went home to get my ________________ massaged.
I couldn’t wait to leave; it was going to take _____ hours to get there by _____________________ .Since I would be away for_____ weeks I left a list of things to be done while I was gone;
1.  ________________________
2.  ________________________
3.  ________________________
4.  ________________________
5.  ________________________
6.  ________________________
7.  ________________________
When I arrived at my destination the temperature was ­­­­_____degrees and I was thrilled to finally be there.
I could smell the________________________________________________ and the _________________________________________.
While I was there I enjoyed ______________, ________________, ____________________, ____________________, and I even learned   how to _______________________.
For dinner every night I ate _________________, and sipped ________________________ by the _________________________________________ and had _______________________ for dessert.
The time flew by so quickly. And as I crawled into my bed at the hotel on my last night, I dreamt that every day could be like this one.
The next morning when I woke up to the sound of ______________________ I thought, ‘I will definitely miss _____________ but I really miss _________,_________,_________ , _________, ______________________ and ____________________________________________ more.
Life Swap was nice, but I can’t wait to go back home!
   Because real life can sometimes be mundane, I thank you for daydreaming with me!                  
        I hope you had as much fun with this as I did!  (I will post mine later:)
But in the end, I trust you felt like Dorothy, Toto and the people who chose to Wife Swap…..

        There’s no place like home.’

Truly, Amber

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