Friday, March 4, 2011

Life Swap

Remember the show Wife Swap?
It was a reality T.V. show which took a wife out of the country and put her in the city, a home school mom went to live with a family who had public schooled children, and a wife who had old fashioned values  was replaced with the bread winning suburban one. It might even still be on T.V. for all I know.
That show probably started with just a few men and women who truly wished they were living other lives, and who longed for the days where they could be someone else, somewhere else.
Where they pictured the grass to be greener and the flowers would smell much better than their own.
Today is Fun Friday and I would like to give you a task; a FUN one of course! You must like to play. If you think that you can hack a little bit of silliness and you feel you’re mature enough to participate, put your answers in the blanks below. Otherwise stop reading and go back to work.
Treat this like the Mad Libs we had as kid’s.
You know, the ones where you had to fill in nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., and then when you read the story back it’d be the most hilarious thing you, and your friends, had ever heard!!
This time fill in the blanks today with dreams and things you love and then on Saturday morning (or any time after midnight) return to Yellow Inspiration and use your words to fill in the story!
Sit back, Relax, Have Fun and use your imagination!

A specific time on the clock
An item of clothing you’d love to wear
Room in your home you wish you had-
Another room (or area in or around your home) in which you wish you had-
 Something you like to have first thing in the a.m.-
Something you wish you could have for breakfast more often-
A person in your family-
A leisurely activity-
Something you love to eat-
2 something’s you hate to do-
Somewhere you love to go-
Your best friend-
Favorite restaurant-
Dream car-
Something you love to talk about-
Something else you love to talk about-
A place you love to shop-
Something you never have enough of -
 Celebrity you wish you knew-
A TV show you don’t want to live without-
A dream vacation destination- 
Your best friend-
A part of your body-
Favorite way of traveling-
List 7 things you hate to do-

A # above 70-
Something you love to smell-
Something else you love to smell-
A sport-
A luxury activity-
A relaxing activity-
An expensive activity–
A sport you would like to learn-
Your favorite food (s)-
Your favorite drink-
Aspect of nature you love to see-.
 Your favorite dessert-
A  relaxing sound (s)-
The same dream vacation destination-
People you love-
1.       ________
2.       ________
3.       ________
4.       ________

2 things you can’t live without-
1.       _________
2.       _________

 Come back to Yellow Inspiration on Saturday (anytime after midnight tonight) and read your Life Swap Mad Lib with your answers!


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