Friday, May 20, 2011

Cannon Ball Run or Geocaching Anyone?

In the early 80’s Burt Reynolds starred in a movie called Cannonball Run.

Fast and Funny, this movie was very popular. The object of the game was to race the streets in fast cars; the first one to the end (and solving the clues) won a pot of money.

The movie was so popular, in fact, I think some kids from my senior class decided to make up their own Cannonball Run. It was Illegal and I don’t believe it turned out very well.

But, if this type of adventure interests you, there is good news!  

You can do it legally!

See World Cannonball Run:

The U.S. dates for the Cannonball Run Rat Race are set for Sept. 3, 2011 in New York City's Central Park and will end about 3,000 miles away in Southern California on Sept. 9 or 10, 2011.’(Quoted from the site listed below) 

The Rat Race ’11
‘Drivers and their machines will roll out of Central Park, New York – 3rd September, 2011. Drivers will be handed Mission Packs along with a key. This key will gain you access to a hidden locker on the West Coast. Mission packs containing clues will navigate drivers across the country. [...]’ (Quoted from the site below)

So if you have a fast car and like scavenger hunts here’s an event for you!
Maybe you could win some money! (Though there is an entry fee - the pot, I’m sure, is huge.)

Now, if you don’t like driving fast but enjoy thinking fast, try Geocaching!
I just learned about this myself and it sounds quite fun. I know somebody who does this every year and they love it!   

You can travel anywhere, seeing the sites while using your GPS to search for things people hide.

Check out Geocaching  at:

(Also, some Geocachers around the world enjoy doing good for the environment with Cache In Trash Out.)
Check it out here:

Either way, these two events tell me that no matter how grown-up we grown-ups are supposed to be, in the end we still like to have fun!



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